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Consolidated Cargo
ARGOS TRADING, C.A. - Puerto Cabello

 Av. Salom, c/c La Monaca, C. C. Veneto, Ofics. No 13 y 14
Puerto Cabello 5130 CARABOBO 
 Tlf:   58 (242) 415.0153 
 Tlf (2):   58 (242) 415.0151 
 Tlf (3):   58 (242) 415.0152 
 Fax:   58 (212) 364.9793 
 Email:   info@argostrading.com 
 Email (2):   ggonzalez@argostrading.com 
 Web:   http://www.argostrading.com 

 About our company:
Argos Trading: Company with many years in the Transport the International in Venezuela, contributing solutions in the international trade. We establish like vision of services to be the most reliable agent of load for importers and Venezuelan exporter counting on a communicational platform of vanguard that allows development and to offer them to a service cónsono us the necessities of our clients, informing on time on estatus of the handled loads.

We counted on offices of attention to the client in the most important points of Venezuela, reasons to choose TRADING Argus, in its ample range of services in:

  • Consolidation and DesconsolidatiónCargo.
  • Shipping Agents.
  • Advising in Harbor matter.
  • Import and Export.
  • Air cargos and Marine.
  • Integral Service Globalizado.
  • Service of Storage.
  • Storage In-Bond.
  • Continuous pursuit of the loads around the world. Security in the Transport of its Load (Imports)
  • Low costs in Aerial tariffs and Marine Deliveries on time International Transports.

In Import, we were in charge of the aerial Transport internacional(marítimo and), with the load coming from the following countries of Europe and Asia.

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