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PANALPINA, C.A. - Maracaibo

 Av. 2 El Milagro, Edif. 2001, Piso 2
Maracaibo 4001- ZULIA 
 Tlf:   58 (261) 723.0337 
 Tlf (2):   58 (261) 723.0881 
 Fax:   58 (261) 723.1308 
 Email:   venezuela@panalpina.com 
 Web:   http://www.panalpina.com 

 About our company:
Panalpina Venezuela offers products of aerial, marine, combined and terrestrial transport. Ours portafolio consists of logistic, safe, distribution and specialized storage, services of Oil & Gas, among others.

Supply Chain Management: If their necessities require a more integral approach, we can apply our vast global experience in the design, control and improvement of chains of supplying to obtain logistics specially developed and to a computer science tool that satisfies its exigencies. Our objective is to offer alternative integrals him with the purpose of mejerar the productivity in its chain of supplying. We offer solutions done custom-made for each one of our clients.

Special Competencies: The services covered by our Special Competencies include the search of suitable solutions to make complex projects and of great spread. We make available the knowledge of our experts in each industrial sector, including:

  • Customs agents.
  • Automotive.
  • High Technology.
  • Healthcare.
  • Massive Consumption.
  • Oil& Gas.
  • Mining.

Through Panalpina Venezuela you can connect to the main routes available between Latin America and the world with the confidence that can count on the total support of our experts. Local services Like global company, we offer portafolio of solutions and products to him of Panalpina. Also we adapted our services to satisfy the specific necessities with the local market, including:

  • Customs agents.
  • Storage and distribution at national level.
  • Service of ln-House.
  • Surely the International.
  • Projects.

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