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BANCO PROVINCIAL, S.A. (Banco Universal) - DEX - Valencia

 Av. Michelena y 2da. Transv., Torre Provincial, Nivel Mezz., Z. Ind. Carabobo
Valencia 2001 CARABOBO 
 Tlf:   58 (241) 874.9258 
 Tlf (2):   58 (241) 874.9331 
 Fax:   58 (241) 874.9322 
 Fax (2):   58 (241) 874.9372 
 Email:   giacomo_giannetto@provincial.com 
 Email (2):   giovanna_pietri@provincial.com 
 Web:   http://www.provincial.com 

 About our company:
Here at BBVA Banco Provincial, we actively pursue the prime goal of becoming a mayor exporting contry.

That is why we offeryou aur products and services portfolio, which meet the highest global standards with the most competitive rates in the market. These products and services, which facilitate your access to global trade operations, are:

  • Import and Export letters of Credit.
  • Operations under ALADI agreement (Latin-American Association of Integration.)
  • Remittance and Receipt of Payment Orders.
  • Inssuance of Foreign Currency Checks.
  • Import and Export Documentary Colletion.
  • Inssuance of surety Bonds and Guarantees in foreign currency.
  • Export Bonds transsaction and processing.
  • Checks and effects collection in foreign currency.
  • Foreign currency acquisition procedure before CADIVI(Venezuelan Government Currency
  • Administration Commission. CADIVI, for its initials in Spanish: Comisi�n de Administraci�n de Divisas).

Our serch for excellence, based on our clients� satifaction, has led us to become the absolute leader in the currency market by providing nnovative and high quality services. These solutions include the implemetation of specialized offices to meet entreprenurs� requirements and the placement of regional Foreign Departament(DEX, for its initials in Spanish:Departamentos Extranjeros), which facilitate Foreign Trade operations.

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