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ATHENAS SHIPPING, C.A. - Puerto Cabello

 Calle Plaza, C. C. Cesa, Piso 1
Puerto Cabello 2025- CARABOBO 
 Tlf:   58 (242) 361.6016 
 Tlf (2):   58 (242) 361.7350 
 Fax:   58 (242) 361.6016 
 Email:   athenasshipping@hotmail.com 

 About our company:
Athenas Shipping: Company dedicated to the transport of international load, with ample experience and releases trajectory in the business of the transport offers service of:
  • Transport of Marine Load.
  • Transport of Air cargo.
  • Combined transport of Load.

    All our range of services we made for Import and Export; counting on warehouses for all type of load.

    Our Services:

    • Shipping Agents.
    • Customs agents.
    • Consolidators of Load.
    • Combined Multimodal Transport.
    • Terrestrial Transport.
    • Load and Unloading of Ships.
    • International Representations.
    • Protective agents and everything what the marine market at national and international level entails.
    • Agenciamient of its ships in Puerto Cabello.
    • Guaranteed service of tugboats.
    • Pilotage and Captainship Ships of T.R.B.
    • Lanchaje by pilot. Transport Pilot.
    • Service of Communication.
    • Moor and You untie of Ships.
    • Protective agents for all the ships by touch.

      We offer in addition service of Load and Unloading of ships Athenas Shipping It is an agency established in Port Hair and counts on personnel described with more than ten years of experience. We counted on service of Line for the Islands of the Caribbean with Loose load and weekly Exits towards:

      • Trinidad.
      • Curacao.
      • Sta. Lucia.
      • Grenada Other islands of the Caribbean.

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