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MAERSK LINE - Puerto Cabello

 Calle Puerto Cabello, Edif. E. Maduro, No. 53, P.B.
Puerto Cabello CARABOBO 
 Tlf:   58 (242) 361.2835 
 Tlf (2):   58 (242) 364.9992 
 Fax:   58 (242) 361.6132 
 Fax (2):   58 (242) 364.9880 
 Email:   vzusalgen@maersk.com 
 Email (2):   vzucus@maersk.com 
 Web:   http://www.maerskline.com 

 About our company:
A.P. Moller corporate group was founded in 1904 in Esplanade, Copenhagen, Denmark. MAERSK LINE, established in 1928, began regular service in Venezuela on February 16, 1994 with the calling of Maersk Lima at La Guaira and Puerto Cabello. Some others calling ports were later incorporated. Currently Maersk Line calling ports are:
  • La Guaira
  • Puerto Cabello
  • Guanta
  • Puerto Sucre
  • El Guamache.

    Our service network covers the five continents through transshipments in main ports such as Kingston, Manzanillo, and Panama; where cargo is later loaded on feeder vessels to final destination. Maersk Line has offices in:

    • Caracas
    • Valencia
    • La Guaira
    • Puerto Cabello
    • Guanta.

      A terminal company (OPSA Operadora Portuaria) handles Maersk Line's and other lines operations in:

    • Puerto Cabello
    • La Guaira
    • Guanta.

    This company also handles Maintenance and Repair, and pre-tripping activities for dry containers. Conacentro and La Guaira Terminal Services are Maersk Line associated container yards in Puerto Cabello and La Guaira respectively; these are fully modern and secure yards, ready to store either dry or reefer containers.

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